Paint Correction

Stage 1 – Paint ProtectionSingle stage polish finished with a quality carnauba wax. Doesn’t remove defects as such, but enhances gloss and brings depth back to the paint. All door shuts and crevices cleaned with all-purpose cleaners and agitated with various brushes. Wheels and arches rinsed and cleaned with ph neutral chemicals. Vehicle snow foamed and rinsed, then washed using safe techniques. 2 bucket method, grit guards and lambs wool wash mitts. Paintwork then treated to a 3 stage decontamination process. (De-ironized, De-tarred and deeply cleaned with a clay bar) Vehicle rinsed again with filtered water to avoid water spots. Then dried with plush drying towels and hot air. All glass, trims and tyres cleaned and dressed. Pre wax cleanser applied via Dual action polisher to cleanse the paintwork. 2 coats of Wax applied. 
Stage 1 – from £300 and takes 2-3 days

Stage 2 – Paint EnhancementRemoves minor defects and minor swirl marks, recommended for dull / tired looking paintwork. The same as a protection detail. PLUS a 2 stage machine polish. Using various polish, pads and machines to improve the vehicles appearance. Paintwork is wiped down in-between stages to give true results. Most, if not all swirl marks are removed and scratches greatly reduced. Leaves the vehicles paintwork revitalised with an enhanced appearance. 
Stage 2 – from £600 and takes 3-5 days

Stage 3 – Paint CorrectionRemoves most defects and swirl marks, recommended for anyone seeking perfection. The same as a protection detail. PLUS multiple machine polishing stages, usually 3-4. This achieves the best result possible within the paintwork’s limits. The Vehicles paintwork is left as close to perfection as it can be, with a reflective glass like appearance. This will totally transform any vehicles appearance. Leaving it in a better condition than the day it rolled of the production line. 
Stage 3 – from £900 and takes 5-7 days

Information – All polishing stages are thoroughly wiped back with Isopropyl Alcohol to show a true result. Often cheap and quick machine polish services (mop overs) leave fillers and oils on the paintwork to mask its genuine condition. Once these fillers have fallen back or evaporated they can often leave the vehicle looking worse than before it was polished. We will take the time to ensure the result is a true reflection of the paintworks condition. Research shows that all too often cheaper jobs/quotes do not have the correct insurance for items worked upon. At minimum they have public liability insurance. This will not cover your vehicle should any damage happen whilst in their care. We have cover for damage to items whilst worked upon at an indemnity of £50K ( can be increased if required ) For total peace of mind, we are completely covered for all eventualities whilst your vehicle is in our care.