Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating Specialists

What it is Ceramic Coating and why apply it?

We all want the perfect shine and a mirror reflection in our paintwork! We are specialists in the application of ceramic coatings applied to vehicle paintwork in order to simultaneously protect and enhance the appearance of automotive paint and interior surfaces. The coating bonds into the paintworks microscopic pores, forming an extremely durable crystal clear ceramic finish. This provides genuine long-term protection as well as an incredible shine and long lasting gloss to your paintwork.

How and when you would apply a ceramic coating

There is an obsessive amount of prep work involved when it comes to applying our ceramic coatings. The car must be washed thoroughly to remove any dirt and grime, it is then clay barred to remove any further contamination such as tar and iron from everyday wear and tear on the road.

The paintwork will then undergo a 3-stage correction process that removes any defects in the paint, such as swirling and scratches (whether these be light or deep in the paint). Once fully corrected, we will then wipe back all surfaces with an alcohol based cleaner to remove any fillers left from the polishing process.

Only after this will the coating then be applied to the car. This rigorous prep period is essential and extremely successful in removing all contaminants and oils from the cars surface to allow the coating to effectively bond to the paint. Please note that we will not apply a coating to any paintwork which has not been fully corrected. Watch the videos below to see our Ceramic Coating in action.

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